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2020 - June is hot! So what better place than on the Big Cypress Bayou in a kayak.

No rock hunting this trip, but a great weekend.

2020 - April took us to Hot Springs Arkansas to dig crystals. If you have not been to that area there are several great

mines that allow digging in the tailings and have great rock shops. This time we spent a day out at Ron Coleman's in

Jessieville and one day at Twin Creeks in Mt. Ida. Check out Jay's Bonanza while you are in Mt Ida for a little shopping

or gold panning.  Here is my favorite find of the week - a little quartz cluster.

2020- There is no better place to spend January than Quartzite, Arizona.  This sleepy little town explodes

every year with over 2000 vendors of rocks, gems, fossils and everything imaginable. Shopping paradise for

rock lovers or just  to enjoy the gorgeous Arizona sunsets.

2021 - We started off the year with a trip to Matagorda in January. 

Beach combing is a favorite past time. Sundial shells are one of my

favorites and this is one of the few places I have found them.

(Google says they can also be found in South Padre).  

I have always loved to create things with my hands. I crocheted my first afghan when I was six years old. I taught myself how to knit and cross-stitch in college.

For many years, my brother-in-law would take me and the kids to his shop when we visited him to cut and polish a pretty rock. He would then turn it into a special treasure to take home. When the kids graduated from high school, he encouraged me to find my own rock club. So, I joined them all...Arlington, Fort Worth, LMRA Gem and Mineral Clubs. Below in my slide show, you will see some of the rocks I have found myself.  It is such an amazing experience to pick up a dirty rock on a field trip, clean it up, make a slab with the big saw, trim it on the smaller saw, grind it into a design, polish it, and make it into beautiful jewelry. I fell  in love with the wonderful world of rocks.

When I discovered glass, it opened a whole new world of color and creativity. I started with traditional stained glass panels, and now use baubles, beads, and crystal plates in my designs. I also fused glass to make pendants, magnets, and other small decorative items. 

lapidary and glass arts

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